Caring for Your Belly Button Piercing

It would be really nice if having your naval pierced was a quick pierce and go procedure, but the reality is, you need time to heal. A lot of time, in fact.
Having your belly button pierced is a big commitment, and usually takes from six months to a year to properly and completely heal itself. That is of-course, assuming you have no complications.
Before you even consider having any body part pierced, find a reputable establishment with a strong community network. Referrals are the cornerstone of this type of business, so don’t be shy about asking your technician for references. If they can’t think of at least one satisfied customer who would recommend them, you should probably not bring them your business.

Once you’ve found a good technician, take a minute to look around at the establishment itself. Is it clean? Sanitized? You can end up with infections, diseases and a host of ailments from a belly button piercing if tools are not properly cleaned or sanitized. Again, don’t be afraid to ask what they use to clean their tools. You’re paying for a service, you have a right to know what you’re getting.
Once you’ve completed your naval piercing, find out from your technician how long you should keep the area dry, covered or uncovered. Initially there will be some redness, irritation and swelling around the pierced area of the skin, but that’s completely normal. However, if it lasts more than a day or two, you should seek medical advice, since it could be a sign of infection, or perhaps you’re allergic to the jewelry that was used.

Don’t fuss and scratch at your new piercing. The foreign element added to your body will tempt your hands to unconsciously investigate it, so the rest of your aware mind has to stop this.
Clean your naval and the pierced area at least once a day with anti-bacterial soap to prevent dust or dirt from contaminating the unhealed area. A rubbing alcohol wipe can also be used to keep the area well sanitized and germ free.
If all goes well, your belly button piercing should be well healed within a few months, and you’ll be ready to show off your new body jewelry at the beach.