Combining Beauty Care With Earth Care

Becoming eco-friendly is definitely the way to go these days. You might think caring for the environment is limited to recycling and household products, but the truth is you can make changes in all parts of your routine to reduce your footprint on the planet. That does, of-course, include your beauty care.
There are several small steps you can make that will have a big impact on Mother Earth. Adjusting your buying routines and beauty habits will help keep our planet green, and quite often saves you money.

Start with your water usage

Water is one of the most wasted natural resources on the planet. When you think about it, water is used quite a bit in your beauty care routine. Washing your face, washing your hands, showers, baths and hair washing use up a lot of H2O.

Do you leave the water running when you are washing your face? Many people do, wasting gallons of water every year for no apparent reason. Rather than using running water to rinse the cleanser from your face, put the plug in the sink and let the clean water pool up.
Washing your hair can be another big water guzzler. If you wash your hair every day or more than once a day, it’s not only tough on your hair but it wastes and awful lot of water, shampoo and conditioner. Try washing every second day, and sprinkling on some dry shampoo between washings.

Does your make up last forever?

If your cosmetics, skin creams and other beauty products have an exceptionally long shelf life, there’s a pretty good chance they are full of preservatives. If they won’t break down in the bottle, they won’t break down after you throw them out either.

Try switching to products made from natural sources, that don’t contain parabens or other ingredients that will contaminate the earth when discarded. Many organic beauty products actually have freshness dates or expiry dates because they contain no preservatives and are made of natural ingredients. Some natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, have a life span of a couple of years, however, eventually it will break down without poisoning the earth.
Taking a little time to read the labels can help you make informed decisions about which products will meet your beauty needs, without creating a problems for the world we live in. A little eco-friendly beauty care will go a long way to keeping our planet beautiful too.