Creating Romantic Ringlets With a Curling Iron

There are few hairstyles that capture romance and glamour as easily as soft and bouncy ringlets. This type of curl is a gentle, winding, broad curl that winds down the length of your hair. You can create your own ringlets at home quickly and easily with either a hot air brush or hair dryer brush.

Before you start your ringlets, apply a holding agent, such as mousse or styling spritz to give your hair some stiffness to keep the curl. Section your hair, and decide how bold you want your ringlets to be. The width of the hair will determine the final look of your ringlets.

You can choose a few large ringlets dispersed among straight locks by curling wide strips of your hair. Or you can decide to have smaller ringlets that frame your face and head, by choosing thinner sections of hair.

Creating ringlets requires a medium sized barrel of approximately one inch or less on either a curling iron or flat iron. The smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl, so you can choose your styling tool accordingly.

Start at the roots and pull your styling tool down to the ends of your hair, leaving about a quarter inch of length at the ends. Hold your hair out straight and then roll the iron toward your scalp. Hold your styling tool in place for fifteen to twenty seconds, then gently release the hair.

Let your hair rest for a moment to cool down, then spray with a styling spray or hair spray. Continue until you have the desired amount of ringlet curls in your hair.

Don’t worry if your ringlets are a little too tight, as they will naturally fall on their own. Don’t use a brush or comb on your ringlets as this will pull out the curl.

Dreamy, expressive ringlets are easy to accomplish at home. You can use either your curling iron or you flat iron for soft and romantic curls any time you like. Perfect for style on the go.