How To Save Money and Keep More of Your Cash

Are you watching your bank account dwindle, and the cash in your wallet disappear? You need to discover how to save money and keep more of your cash. With a little brainstorming and effort you can save hundreds of dollars every month. You can switch from your bank account heading to zero, to it growing every month.
One of the first things you must do to be able to start saving money is to know where you are spending your money. Do you hit the end of the week and start trying to figure out where all the money went?
Those little purchases at the convenience store, the hamburger at McDonald’s and the movie rental from Blockbuster are all forgotten, but the empty billfold is not. If you want control of your money, and to learn how to save, you must first start keeping track of all your spending. Keep a small notebook with you and write down everything you spend, and where. Once you know where the money goes it is easy to start saving.
Do you buy the Sunday newspaper? If not, you need to start buying one every week. You may pay a couple dollars to buy one, but the coupons in the newspaper are going to save you much more money.

Cutting coupons out of the paper is one of the easiest and most fun ways to start when you learn how to save money. Do not buy more because you have a coupon, use the coupons to cut down on your grocery bill. You can often cut ten to twenty dollars off of every large trip to the grocery store.
As you learn what you are spending your money on through your diary, you need to make decisions on what can be eliminated. Do you really need cable TV? You could switch to a NetFlix or BlockBuster subscription and have movies in your hands for everyday of the week for a fraction of your cable bill. This is especially true if you are adding on premium channels like HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax.
How often are you eating meals out? Cutting down on your meals out is one great place to start. When you are going to eat out find coupons. Most of the major restaurant chains offer coupons through their websites. Many restaurants offer special deals on meals for two people. By choosing the specials and using coupons you can cut five to ten dollars off of many of your meals.
While elimination of excess expenditures is the most critical part of learning how to save money, comparison shopping is the second most important. No major purchase or monthly expense should be left unexamined or un-compared.
Which is less expensive, cable internet service or DSL internet service? Is your home phone service as low cost as possible? By learning to comparison shop on all of your expenses you will cut your bills dramatically. The money you save goes back in your wallet, not lost in the wind.