Learning How to Apply False Eyelashes

There is not one person on this entire Earth who will tell you that applying false eyelashes is a “joy”, or that it is something that they have learned easily. Many women buy a fake eyelash kit and some glue, thinking that this will be a rather easy process – WRONG!
Applying false eyelashes incorrectly can lead to gluing your eyelids together, gluing your fake eyelashes to your natural eyelashes, or even getting glue or synthetic eyelash hair into your eyes, which is a very uncomfortable experience!
It’s important to learn how to apply false eyelashes correctly so as to avoid any of this discomfort and to protect your eyes. Here’s how to apply false eyelashes properly so that they look natural and feel great:

  • Begin by taking the eyelashes out of the packet and check to see if they are the same length as your lash line. Oftentimes the fake eyelashes that are provided will be longer than your lash line, so trim the lashes, lash by lash, until they are of the same length. To make the lashes look more natural, you can also cut individual lashes to different lengths. Make sure to keep those lashes that would be on the outside of the eye longer than those that are closer to the inside of your eye.
  • Next, take the eyelash glue tube and squeeze the glue onto the back of your hand. Run the eyelash right along the glue, and then blow the back of the eyelashes softly to make the glue just a bit thicker in consistency (if the glue is too runny, it will run right into your eyes and glue your eyelids together).
  • Make sure that you have your tweezers at hand! With your tweezers, pick up the eyelashes and then draw the eyelashes as close to your natural lash line as you possibly can.
  • Once the eyelashes are properly in place, press the eyelashes down from end to end, and hold them in place until the glue dries (this may take up to one minute). When the glue is set, the lashes will stay attached to your eye and won’t come off along with your raised finger.
  • If you feel that you need to curl the fake eyelashes, now is the time to do so. Bring the eyelash curler right to the base of the fake nails and press down, holding it firmly in place for at least ten seconds. Then, take your mascara and apply it with one hand while using a finger on the other hand to hold the fake eyelashes down during the application process. This will not only help keep the fake eyelashes in place, but it will also enable both your natural lashes and the fake eyelashes to bond.
  • If you notice any gaps of any sort on your lash line, you can easily fill these in with an eyeliner of a similar shade.

At the end of the day, be sure to always remove your fake eyelashes by using the eyelash remover that is provided with your eyelashes, and store them in their original packaging. This allows the eyelashes keep their shape and allows them to be easily reused.