Our Love Of Cosmetic Surgery

We all know that celebrities regularly go under the surgical knife in order to get the results they desire – but what about us mere mortals, what do we do?

Well, every year, hundreds of thousands of people from around the world decide to get cosmetic surgery whether that be for medial or aesthetic reasons, and based on the latest information from the UK we can see which surgeries are the most popular and how many are performed each year. What comes out on top? And do men and women differ in the type of surgery that they go for?

Pressures from the media and magazines has meant that everyone is striving for perfection and this means looking at every little part of their body and getting it sorted in any way possible. From ear correction to liposuction, the last 10 years has seen our love of surgery increase drastically with numbers shooting up, 200%, 300% and in some cases 400%!

This infographic, created by the team at New Birkdale Clinic, looks at how our tastes in cosmetic surgery surgery have changed over recent years and what surgeries are now the most popular.