Review of Hot Tools Professional 1110 Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control and Mega 1-1/4

The Hot Tools Professional Curling Iron with Multi-Heat Control is billed as the more advanced professional styling tools. It brings a number of great bonuses to anyone serious about how they spend their styling time in front of the mirror and offers a host of benefits. This review will provide the basic features, the positive aspects, and the less desirable attributes of this curling iron, so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

The general features of this styling tool include:

  • 24 karat gold-plated barrel with the extra-long stay-cool tip;
  • heating element designed to stand up to long use;
  • rheostat to memorize favorite heat setting;
  • 85 watts;
  • temperature range up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit;
  • durable 8 ft swivel cord for ease of styling;
  • ideal for all hair types.

It’s equipped with adjustable heat settings from low to extra-hot for dynamic styling options and comes with two replacement springs for the clip, which will wear out in time with constant use. The Professional maintains constant and even heat, and the ultra-smooth styling surface is designed to deliver a superior styling experience.

The pros

The diameter of the curling barrel, 1.25 inches, offers many customers precisely the right curl for their hair type and length. Plated with gold for its excellent conductive properties, this iron gets hot and remains hot, so you need not wait for it to reheat on a cycle. The adjustable rheostat allows you to customize your preferred curling temperature without resetting, so you can style and go with ease.

Because it is a high-quality product, it’s designed to produce an enormous amount of heat. You may wish to experiment with the lowest setting first and increase the heat as needed for your particular hair type and the effect you want.

While this iron is a powerful tool for professional styling, it’s made to be lightweight. If you have a great deal of hair, you won’t have to worry about developing muscle cramps or fatigue during your beauty regimen. It’s also incredibly easy to hold onto and maneuver during styling, making it suitable for everyone to use. Its comfort grip and extra-long plastic tip will stay cool so you don’t need to worry about burning your fingers while trying to curl longer hair.

The Professional provides salon quality style for all hair types, from extremely fine, straight hair to thick, curly hair. It produces luxuriant curls that hold their form all day without the excessive use of styling products, no matter where on the hair spectrum your coiffure falls. This frees you from the added expense and hassle of selecting styling products that work well for both your hair and your budget, which can be difficult. It can also double as a straightener for those who wish to tame frizzy or unmanageable natural curls, so you won’t need to purchase a separate flat iron.

The cons

While there are some cautions about heat setting for this particular model, the most negative aspect of the Professional appears to be a problem with individual models and not the overall design or the intended functions of the iron.

Some customers claimed that the heating element did not work as described—either leading to damaged hair or a lack of styling results. The overwhelming evidence of this product’s high quality would suggest that, should a malfunction occur, return the product for a replacement.

However, if you feel a bit of comparative shopping is in order, you may like Fahrenheit 4 in One Curling Iron Set. It comes with four interchangeable ceramic and tourmaline heads of varying diameters to provide curls of graduated tightness. This allows you to select the curl diameter that is perfect for your styling need or mix and match. It also provides a consistent and even level of heat for consistently great curls throughout your styling regimen.

The bottom line

The Professional is an excellent product designed to deliver consistent results. As a member of the Hot Tools family, it comes at a reasonable price that won’t break your beauty budget, but is crafted to consistently function within its expected range.

With the exception of a rare malfunctioning item, it consistently performs and will stand the test of time. Those who reviewed it for the beauty and health site gave it high marks for excellent performance and consistency of results with a variety of hair types and lengths.

So, while you may opt to comparison shop, the Professional from Hot Tools should definitely be on your list of curling irons to try. It comes with an overwhelming amount of acclaim and bodes well to perform above and beyond its price range. Hot Tools offers this as an excellent option in its range of styling implements.