Review of the Hot Tools White Curly Q Tapered Iron

For anyone looking to maximize style and minimize their time spent in front of the mirror, the Hot Tools White Curly Q Tapered Iron offers you a host of cool (I mean hot!) features, while keeping the design simple. This review will explore the pros and cons of this curling iron.

The features of the Curly Q include:

  • 8-inch swivel cord design for easy styling;
  • a separate on-off switch and a power indicator light;
  • rheostat control that will ensure a swift heat-up;
  • heat resistant glove to protect your hand during styling;
  • a safety stand to keep your hot iron off the counter and out of the way.

This tapered iron allows you to select your ideal curl diameter, ranging from 1.25 inches to .75 inches. An incredibly smooth curling surface guarantees a frizz-free styling experience and makes this iron ideal for styling a variety of hair types, from oily to dry or hair shafts with a varying body.

The Pros

Styling wands differ from curling irons because they come without the clip feature, which can result in snags or an undesirable shape to the finished curl. The Curly Q offers exemplary control over the curling process without the bothersome clip. As well, even though it comes with a heat resistant glove to protect your hand while you curl, many customers found it unnecessary. That’s because the Curly Q has a cool-to-the-touch tip for ease of styling.

It is, of course, recommended that you use the glove, to prevent inadvertent burns that may result during your styling time. You want to wear it on the hand that is not holding the iron so that you can freely touch and adjusts the iron as you go.

Many customers enjoyed the easy use of this product. Especially if you’re seeking a simple way to achieve basic or low-maintenance style goals, this wand receives high marks for no-fuss results. Even those with longer hair noted that styles were quickly achieved.

The Curly Q is easy to handle and many who tried it admired the great results it produced, even if they lacked styling experience. Additionally, many customers noted that the curls remained defined for prolonged periods of time, allowing them to work a full day and maintain a styled look throughout.

This wand also comes with a customizable heat setting. Users can choose a range of temperatures from 280 degrees Fahrenheit to above 400 degrees. This will enable you to customize the precise curl you wish to achieve, and gives you control over how much heat to which you wish to expose your hair.

The cons

If you have coarse, thick hair, this particular styling wand may not be the most ideal product for you. Several customers indicated that it does not produce a quality curl when applied to thick or coarse hair types.

As well, if you have little experience with curling implements in general, you may have a difficult time managing the Curly Q. Those who did so, we’re not dissatisfied with the quality of the curling wand itself, but noted that the wand structure without the clip feature made it difficult to achieve the results they wanted.

Another drawback of this product was the lack of an automatic shutoff function. The purpose of such a function is to prevent heat damage to the hair from temperatures exceeding 500 degrees.

If you are inexperienced with the use of curling wands, you may want to select a model with such a feature to prevent inadvertent damage. As well, a clipped model may serve you better than this clipless styling wand. Consider the Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron. It offers you the control of a clip, comes with an automatic shutoff function, and offers 25 customizable settings for all hair types.

The Bottom line

This is an excellent styling wand, with a simple design that doesn’t include some of the more confusing customizable options. While it can be difficult for curling neophytes to master just the right knack of using this model, if you’re either a bit more experienced with curling wands or willing to experiment, it will yield surprisingly consistent results. For those with coarse hair, as stated, another model that provides more options may be desirable.

If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive, high-quality, easy-to-use wand, the Curly Q is a great option. Best Hair Curling Irons Reviews gave it high marks for easy to obtain, consistent results, a sterling review for its value and consistency and highly recommends this product to anyone. While not everyone will find this particular model absolutely ideal for their needs, it is a great general product suitable for a wide variety of hairstyles and shaft types.