The Good and the Bad: Organic Beauty Products

As we become more aware of how hazardous many of the ingredients and materials in beauty products these days are, people are seeking out a healthier, more natural alternative. Organic beauty products are definitely a top seller these days and these products are flying off the shelves. Though buying organic is always beneficial, as companies catch on to how much money there is to be had, not all “organic” products that some of the companies out there are offering are truly organic.
We’ll cover which products are truly organic, which aren’t, and which are worth buying.
WHAT WORKS: Physicians Formula “Organic Wear Mascara”
Finding a long lasting natural mascara is definitely something that almost every single woman on the planet is wary of. We have all tried the “natural” mascara route, only to soon hope that the store we bought it from has a good return policy.
This product is great for many reasons, the primary reason being that it actually WORKS. You may need to apply an extra layer or two to get really thick, dark lashes, but you can layer it without flaking.
This product also meets the USDA’s standards for being organic, as well as natural, and it is a cruelty free product. For $10USD, it’s worth picking up.
WHAT FAILS: Avalon Organic Skin Care
Sure, the label says it’s organic and some of the ingredients listed certainly appear to be organic – but there’s no actual information provided to help you determine if the product is, in fact, organic. The website also lacks any further information on both the product and the company that makes the product (Organic Bath Company). If any company is not being completely straight forward with what is in their product, especially when they are advertizing it as being “organic” and natural, keep walking past it.
WHAT WORKS: Miessence
This brand is far lesser known than the department store brand Physician’s Formula as mentioned above, but it’s worth the search! Miessence is produced by an Australian based company called ONEGroup which produces numerous products for different parts of your body, such as for your hair, your skin, cosmetics, or even health care products. It has been approved as being organic by both the ACO (Australian Certified Organic), the IFOAM (Organic Federation of Agriculture Movements) in Europe, and the USDA. The ingredients used are even certified as being organic to the International Food Standard.
The price tag on this product is higher than others in its class, but it’s well worth the money.
WHAT FAILS: Kiss My Face products
As with most falsely-labeled “organic” companies, several products produced by the “Kiss My Face” company contain very few organic ingredients and are composed mostly of products that have come about through conventional farming methods. What is the benefit of having a product that has a touch of organic, but is drowned out beneath the other chemical-laden ingredients that are in with it?

TIP: If you ever have any doubts about any company’s product, request samples! The most reputable and credible companies out there who will stand by their product always have samples to impress you with.